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Team BARCS Volunteers, Fosters and Staff

BARCS' family is made up of special people that give so much of themselves for the love of animals. BARCS volunteers, fosters and staff provide care to the animals. We work on training them, rehabilitating them, we bond with them, and most importantly, we show them love when they weren't sure if they would feel it again.

Every day we come to the shelter, not knowing what we will see or experience, but knowing we, as a team, are all in—doing whatever it takes to save a life...or 11,000. At times, we undo the damage done to animals by neglect or worse. We spend time, sometimes many months, working to rebuild an animals’ trust in the world.

The job of animal welfare can be incredibly difficult at times - and yet, our dedication to and compassion for the animals is unwavering. Daily work is often dirty, smelly, and thankless—sometimes even downright depressing. We work in the hardest of circumstances, yet it is love that keeps us here each day, and the hope of providing a new home and a new future to those who look to us for help.

This team is made up of just those people. We believe in this organization and love its mission. We are the largest animal shelter in Maryland and the only open-admission shelter in Baltimore City. We see the worst, we see the best, we need your donations!

When you donate to BARCStoberfest, you can count on your donation supporting animal care and positive programs. BARCS prides itself on responsible spending and low overhead, with $.96 from every $1 going directly to the animals they serve.

Click the "Sponsor our Team" button below to donate and support our team in meeting our fundraising goal, or click the "Join Our Team" button to join us in raising money for the homeless pets at BARCS!

  • Goal $20,000.00
  • Raised $57,930.60
Top Donations
  • Heavy Seas - $6,000.00
  • Anonymous Anonymous - $2,892.00
  • Heavy Seas - $2,202.00
  • Anonymous Anonymous - $1,898.00
  • Anonymous Anonymous - $1,675.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Maria full of grace. 12/21/2018 $20.00 Help the dogs!
Tom, May, & N Blanchard 11/17/2018 $40.00 Thanks for all you do!
Heavy Seas 11/3/2018 $2,202.00
Mary Williams 11/3/2018 $100.00
Sid Williams, Jr 11/3/2018 $20.00
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