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Erica Crowley

Member Of BARCS Volunteers, Fosters and Staff

Welcome to my fundraising page for BARCStoberfest 2018!

As many of you know our pup, Luna, and one of our cats, Stella, were adopted from BARCS. To give back to this wonderful organization, I'm collecting donations for their largest annual fundraiser. Please consider making a donation to help the other homeless animals in Baltimore - any amount helps!

BARCS is the largest shelter in Maryland, taking in a staggering 11,000 homeless dogs and cats, and 1,000 exotic, farm and wildlife animals each year. It's quite the operation and they need our help to save lives. When you give to BARCS, you can count of your donation supporting animal care and positive programs. They pride themselves on responsible spending and low overhead, with $.96 from every $1 going directly to the animals they serve.

Click the "Sponsor Me" button below to donate and support my efforts in meeting my fundraising goal, or click Register to create your own site and join me in raising money for the homeless animals at BARCS!

  • Goal $100.00
  • Raised $155.00
Top Donations
  • Erica Crowley - $50.00
  • Barbara Crowley - $50.00
  • Wendy Coates - $20.00
  • Kelly Sheahan - $20.00
  • Raphaelle - $15.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Erica Crowley 11/2/2018 $50.00
Wendy Coates 10/30/2018 $20.00
Barbara Crowley 10/26/2018 $50.00
Kelly Sheahan 10/26/2018 $20.00
Raphaelle 10/26/2018 $15.00 For all the pups and kittenz, may they find the best furever homes.

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