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Ivy Wang

Member Of BARCS Volunteers, Fosters and Staff

Welcome to my fundraising page for BARCStoberfest 2018! BARCS is the largest shelter in Maryland, taking in a staggering 11,000 homeless dogs and cats, and 1,000 exotic, farm and wildlife animals each year. It's quite the operation and they need our help to save lives. When you give to BARCS, you can count of your donation supporting animal care and positive programs. They pride themselves on responsible spending and low overhead, with $.96 from every $1 going directly to the animals they serve.

I want to share with you a "before" and "after" photo of Sapphire, my first foster kitten. I picked her up from BARCS when she was only a tiny baby kitten, just 1.5 pounds at 6 weeks old with an upper respiratory infection. She was a single orphan kitty and luckily BARCS was able to save her from the streets and gave her a chance to survive and thrive. In our foster home, little Sapphire learned to trust humans and became quite the purring 'buscuit maker'. She grew stronger, and figured out her ninja kitty hunter side. With the help and support from BARCS foster staff and medical team, two months later, Sapphire went to her forever home with a wonderful adopter and a kitty brother, where she is loved and treasured. 

Sapphire is just one of the 12,000 homeless animals that enter BARCS each year. BARCS is an open-admission shelter, meaning no animal is ever turned away--no matter what their circumstance or condition. Most animals brought to BARCS are in need of additional medical attention, which is why donations to BARCStoberfest are so important.

Click the "Sponsor Me" button below to donate in support of the amazing things that BARCS do for Baltimore city and for all the animals they save!

  • Goal $100.00
  • Raised $40.00
Top Donations
  • Huilei 'Ivy' Wang - $30.00
  • Sara Kang - $10.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Huilei 'Ivy' Wang 11/2/2018 $30.00
Sara Kang 11/1/2018 $10.00 For the best kitten mama :3

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